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 Russia to launch 70 Proton rockets by 2020: official (2014-10-30)
 Russia launches first Soyuz-2.1a rocket (2014-10-30)
 Spotlight: U.S. cargo rocket explodes seconds after laun... (2014-10-30)
 U.S. cargo rocket explodes seconds after launch (2014-10-29)
 Russia launches Proton-M rocket with telecom satellite (2014-10-22)
 U.S. secret space plane X-37B returns to Earth (2014-10-20)
 India successfully launches home-made navigation satelli... (2014-10-17)
 U.S. astronauts conduct spacewalk to replace power regul... (2014-10-16)
 Russia to take Moon exploration as core of space program... (2014-10-11)
 Russia to build space-based system to detect missile lau... (2014-10-10)
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