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 Launched Russian satellites to reach 150 by 2025 (2014-11-18)
 Russia studies construction of its own orbital station (2014-11-18)
 Comet lander Philae falls asleep after sending back all ... (2014-11-17)
 Small asteroids impact Earth's atmosphere biweekly, usua... (2014-11-17)
 Comet lander Philae might run out of power soon: scienti... (2014-11-17)
 Comet lander Philae faces energy challenges in cliff sha... (2014-11-14)
 Philae bounced twice when making first-ever comet landin... (2014-11-14)
 Philae status remains unclear: scientists (2014-11-13)
 French President Hollande hails Probe Philae's landing o... (2014-11-13)
 NASA congratulates ESA on "historic" comet landing (2014-11-13)
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