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 NASA's planet-hunting Kepler Telescope spots Earth's clo... (2015-07-24)
 NASA's planet-hunting Kepler Telescope discovers new cat... (2015-07-24)
 Stephen Hawking endorses search for intelligent alien li... (2015-07-24)
 Russia launches manned spacecraft to ISS (2015-07-23)
 Pluto's “heart” has a second mountain range (2015-07-23)
 India planning mission to Venus: media (2015-07-23)
 Australian telescope to play key role in international s... (2015-07-22)
 New Horizons reveals frozen plains in heart of Pluto's "... (2015-07-20)
 New Horizons reveals multiple discoveries (2015-07-20)
 New Horizon phones home, confirming successful Pluto fly... (2015-07-16)
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