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 India sends satellite aboard GSLV rocket (2015-08-28)
 India proposes setting up space station in South Pacific... (2015-08-24)
 Japan launches cargo craft for ISS resupply mission (2015-08-21)
 Japan launches cargo craft for ISS resupply mission (2015-08-20)
 India's Mars mission sends back beautiful shot of 5,000-... (2015-08-17)
 Japan delays launch of transfer spacecraft due to weathe... (2015-08-17)
 ISS astronauts get first taste of space-grown vegetables... (2015-08-12)
 Japanese company sends whisky samples to Space Station (2015-08-06)
 India to launch 9 U.S. satellites in 2015, 2016 (2015-08-06)
 New Horizons discovers haze, flowing ice on Pluto (2015-08-06)
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