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 SpaceX rocket carrying unmanned Dragon capsule explodes ... (2015-06-29)
 SpaceX rocket explodes after liftoff (2015-06-29)
 Astronauts have sufficient supplies for next several mon... (2015-06-29)
 Bolivia's Chinese-made satellite brings in 16 mln USD (2015-06-25)
 Rosetta's lander Philae wakes up: ESA (2015-06-17)
 NASA to deploy first interplanetary CubeSats for next Ma... (2015-06-17)
 51st Int'l Paris Air and Space Show to kick off on June ... (2015-06-17)
 India to apply for missile control regime membership (2015-06-12)
 NASA launches flying saucer for test flight to Mars (2015-06-12)
 NASA orbiter detects impact glass on Mars (2015-06-12)
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