Hu Haichang(1928~2011)
Hu Haichang(1928~2011)
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research professor; member of Chinese Academy of Sciences; born in april 1928; hangzhou city, zhejiang province;
graduated from zhejiang university in civil engineering in july 1950 and was assigned to institute of mathematics of chinese academy of sciences; worked in cas in 1965 and department of spacecraft system design  in 1968; has been consultant and member of science and technology commission of china aerospace corporation, technical consultant of chinese academy of space technology, honorary director of science and technology commission of  department of spacecraft system design    since 1993.
member of the eighth and ninth c.p.p.c.c and member of standing committee of the eighth beijing p.p.c.c.; board chairman of chinese society of vibration engineering and vice board chairman of chinese society of mechanics, part-time professor of beijing, zhejiang and jilin universities and honorary professor of shandong qingdao university; member of chinese academy of sciences.
initiated three kinds of generalized variational principle in elastic mechanics and promoted its application in the mechanical research; participated in the research and design of spacecraft since 1966; responsible for system and structure design both of dongfanghong-1 satellite and dongfanghong-2 satellite in early phase; trained 12 master postgraduates and 10 doctor postgraduates.
won national natural science prize of second class for variational principle in elastic mechanics and its application as the first completer; have enjoined the governmental special subsidy since 1990; approved to be veteran expert making outstanding contribution by ministry of aerospace industry in 1991.
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