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 Feature: NASA's JPL open house event attracts thousands ... (2015-10-12)
 Blue skies, water ice found on Pluto: NASA (2015-10-10)
 Mars once had long-lasting lakes: NASA (2015-10-10)
 Australia launches new communications satellite (2015-10-08)
 Japan's cargo craft leaves ISS (2015-10-08)
 NASA findings ignites discussion over life on Mars (2015-10-08)
 NASA finds "strong" evidence for liquid water on Mars (2015-10-08)
 India launches its first space telescope (2015-10-08)
 Scientists find space rubbish nearing "critical point" (2015-10-08)
 India's Mars mission to last many years: top space offic... (2015-10-08)
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