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Contact:Mingxia ZHOU project manager,BICE

SS-SiC-Ana/B-2B MPM-EC100μN-1 MPM-SA100-1 MPM-MA200mN-1
MGS-60/10~200mN -1 MPM-GB5mN-1 MPM-GS100mN-1/2 MGS-0.1/1~50 μN -1
MGTHR-GG1-15mN-1 The ADN Thruster Family GTHR-0.2N GPSS-2.5-0.5-3
GPSS-60-0.5-1 GPSS-0.1-0.5-1 SpaceOS GNCC-DMR/C-6A-3
GNCC-DMR/C-7-1B GNCC-S-1 Space micro-flow mechanical pump Electric explosion valve
Electric break valve Electric switching valve Gas-liquid one-way valve Manual break valve
Manual change-over valve Pressure reducing valve Back pressure valve Steady flow pump
Double plunger pump Single cylinder pump High pressure constant flow pump Liquid phase chromatography pump
Diaphragm pump Large steady flow pump Globe valve Break valve
Regulation valve Regulator Filter EMI Filter
LIPS-200 Ion Thruster LHT-100 Hall Thruster 1407L Surface Tension Tank 704L Surface Tension Tank
100L Surface Tension Tank 50LComposite Pressure Vessel 90LComposite Pressure Vessel Fill and Drain Valve(GFDV-1/2)
Fill and Drain Valve(GFDV-3/4/5/6/7) Pressure Transducer (GPSS-1) Pressure Transducer (GPSS-2) Pressure Transducer (GPSS-3)
Pressure Transducer (GPSS-4) Gas Pressure Regulator 1N Monopropellant Thruster (GTHR-1N) 10N Bipropellant Thruster
Check Valve 10μm reticulated Filter 30μm reticulated Filter 15μm reticulated Filter
Total surface tension propellant tank Partial surface tension propellant tank Van type surface tension tank Diaphragm tank
Gas Cylinder
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