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Wishes from The Dean


ZHANG Hongtai, Dean of CAST Shenzhou Institute, President of China Academy of Space Technology.

CAST Shenzhou Institute (CSI) was founded in 2005, which is the unique training and education center  affiliated to China Academy of Space Technology(CAST). With the objectives of Promoting Shenzhou culture, cultivate exclusive space engineering talents equipped with a wide range of knowledge and hearty devotion, and make great contributions to space industry.CSI has become the cradle of cultivating Chinese and international spacecraft engineering talents. CSI has been constantly and actively engaged in CAST employees’ training, graduates’ education and CAST clients’ training.  Through these years’ development, CSI has set up a scientific and creative training and education system covering lectures, materials, education disciplines as well as talents’ cultivation.


CSI has set up a scientific, standard and systematic staff training system which offers an strong talent intellectual support to the rapid development of CAST. Along with the rapid growth of international clients’ training, CSI has cultivated a large number of qualified international space technology engineers for several countries, contributing positively to the exploration of CAST international satellite market. The graduate educational business which is in the process of achieving excellence with special and outstanding professional characteristics, has been an important channel of cultivating technical backbone and creative talents of space technology for CAST.


I hope CSI will continue to adhere to the strategy of “High qualified talents upgrading CAST development”, put emphasis on education and training characteristics, take advantages of superior space resources, inherit excellent space culture, develop practical activities on space education and training in close connections with CAST R&D and production activities, further strengthen teaching management and standardize teaching activities, continuously improve teaching quality , so that CSI will make a proper contribution for the great-leap forward development of CAST.

With the support from CAST, with a global view and having talents from all areas, CSI is in the process of becoming a first-class enterprise university. Taking advantage of the platform of the state-level continuous educational base for professional and technical personnel and the platform of the educational center of space science and technology affiliated to the United Nations, CSI will enable the space education and training  to serve not only CAST , but also the whole country and the world. It is the goal of CSI to create excellent educational environment both domestically and internationally and become an internationally influential enterprise university with the  characteristics of Chinese space industry so as to cultivate more and better talents for the development of national space industry.

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