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Beijing Institute of Space Mechanics and Electricity (BISME)

BISME was founded on August 1958, was one of the earliest institutions which engaged in space technology, belonged to CAST. BISME started with sounding rocket, and was successfully engaged in general technology of carrier technology, satellite and manned spacecraft.


BISME is mainly engaged in research and manufacturing of space optical remote sensing technology, spacecraft recovery and landing technology, pyrotechnic technology, space laser detection, aviation optical remote sensing technology and structure molding of composite material.


Space Optical Remote Sensing Technology

BISME has engaged in space optical remote sensing technology in November, 1967, which is the earliest institute engaged in space remote sensors in China. By now,BISME has developed nearly 100 space optical remote sensors for all kinds of remote sensing satellites. Market share of operational space camera in China is more than 80%, and the successful rate is 100%.


Spacecraft Recovery and Landing Technology

BISME is the only institute engaged in spacecraft recovery and landing technology, which made China become the third country mastering the technology independently. BISME has developed and manufactured more than 30 kinds of recovery systems. BISME has made great contribution to the succuess of the manned spacecrafts of ShenZhou series, assuring the safe and healthy return of 10 astronauts. The recovery and landing technology is also applied in the areas of unmanned plane and deep space detection, and the successful rate is at the world leading level.


Space Laser Detection Technology

BISME is the earliest institution engaged in space laser product development, mastering many core technologies such as laser system general technology and system simulation. BISME has become the main research institution in the field. The space laser products of the institute are mostly applied in the fields of earth observation, manned spacecraft and space deep detection.


Aviation Optical Remote Sensing Technology

Facing the areas of geography mapping and environment detection, BISME is mainly engaged in the development of high performance aviation optical remote sensing products, and the products can be installed on plane (or unmanned plane) and airship platform. The function and performance are at leading domestic level among similar products.


Pyrotechnic Technology

BISME is the earliest institution applying pyrotechnics on spacecraft. BISME has many kinds of pyrotechnic products, and the product design of miniaturization, low impact, no fragment and reliability, special experiment and test are all at the leading domestic level. BISME pyrotechnic products are mainly used in satellites and airships.


Composite Material Structure Molding Technology

BISME is the earliest institution applying composite material structure product on spacecraft. By now,it has developed and manufactured thousands of different kinds of composite material structures which are used for optical-mechanical structure of optical remote sensors and satellite structure product.

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