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Qian Xuesen Laboratory of Space Technology
China Aerospace Components Engineering Center
Institute of Spacecraft System Engineering
Beijing Institute of Spacecraft Environment Engineering
Institute of Telecommunication Satellite
CAST-Xi’an Institute of Space Radio Technology
Beijing Institute of Control Engineering
Beijing Institute of Space Mechanics and Electricity
Lanzhou Institute of Physics
Beijing Institute of Space Science and Technology Infomation
Shandong Aerospace Electro-technology Institute
Beijing Orient Institute of Measurement and Test
Tianjin Institute of Aerospace Mechanical and Electrical Equipment
Beijing Spacecrafts Manufacturing Factory
DFH Satellite Co., Ltd.
Space Star Technology Co., Ltd.
Aerospace Dongfanghong development Ltd. Shenzhen
Shenzhou Investment Management Co., Ltd.
China Spacesat Co., Ltd.
Space Biotechnology Group

China Spacesat Co., Ltd.

China Spacesat Co., Ltd. (“China Spacesat” for short) is listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange (600118), and held by China Academy of Space Technology (CAST). As an aerospace high-tech enterprise, China Spacesat is engaged in small & micro satellite development, manufacturing of satellite ground application system and equipment, and satellite operation services.


China Spacesat has grown into an industrialized corporation with capability of system design, development, integration and operation services, holding 15 subsidiaries, owning a series of recognized brands, such as DFH and Spacestar. In the field of small & micro satellite development, we have successfully developed several series of satellite platforms, represented by CAST 968. And by 2014, more than 50 modern small satellites have been successfully launched and operated, which are applied to earth observation, ocean monitoring, environment monitoring, space exploration, scientific experiments, and so on. In satellite ground application system and equipment manufacturing, our products cover seven major areas, including Satellite Navigation, Satellite Communication, Satellite Remote Sensing, Information System Integration & Operation Service, Cloud Computing, Internet of Things, and UAV System, and of these more than 20 kinds of products, Compass and On-the-move Satcom related products are the market leader in domestic market. 

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