Shandong Aerospace Electro-technology Institute (SISET)

Shandong Aerospace Electro-technology Institute (SISET)

Shandong Institute of Space Electronic Technology(SISET), is founded in 1958,and located in High-tech District of Shandong Yantai. It is the only military electronics unit engaged in space technology, owns the honors of National high-tech enterprise, National Civilized Unit, and is an important development unit of space electronics.

SISET is mainly engaged in technology R&D and product manufacturing in the five fields below: space information system and integrated electronics, TT&C and communications, power electronics, computer applications, and components. It is also engaged in technology R&D, equipment development and technology service in fields of military products (telemetry encryption and telemetry acquisition and forward), launch vehicle (upper stage) data processing, etc.; It has complete research, manufacture and experimental system of space and military electronic products, as well as industrial chain of cutting-edge technology tracking, design scheme demonstration, product development, industrialized realization and technology achievement transformation.

Over the past more than sixty years since its foundation, SISET has participated in the long-range launch vehicle, various satellites, and manned space project, lunar exploration project as well as Mars exploration project in China, awarded as the Outstanding Contribution Unit of China Manned Space Project, the Outstanding Contribution Unit of BeiDou Navigation Project granted more than 170 technology achievement awards that among these, three National Scientific Conference Prizes, three National Scientific and Technological Progress Grand Prizes and three first prizes. It owns 350 authorized patents in total.

In recent years, SISET has followed the international advanced technology, pushed on technology innovation based on independence and controllability, achieved technology advantages over payloads such as integrated electronics, Pulsar detection, and space high-power supply, obtained a series of scientific achievements possessing independent intellectual property rights, and established a leading position on the relevant fields.

SISET actively pushes on the industrial development of space technology application, and is implementing industrialization promotion of projects based on the application of satellite high-resolution data and remote sensing data; it takes advantage of coastal region to participate in the first sea launch mission in China and the construction of Oriental Space Port.

In the future, SISET will continue to optimize industrial layout of space and military products, microelectronics and space technology application, strengthen the advantages of professional technology fusion development and industrialization realization capability, expand development scale, promote development quality, and create development efficiency to strive for building the world-class military electronics enterprise.