Manned Spaceflight

Backbone engineering entity of China’s Manned Space Program

Successfully launched 15 Shenzhou spaceships,5 Tianzhou cargo spaceship and 2 Tiangong space labs, will build China’s first space station- CSS.

China’s Manned Space Program is implemented by three steps:

International Cooperation Available on CSS

CSS’s international collaboration lies to the following three aspects: scientific experiments (payload), specific platform technology and module/partial-module level collaboration.

Ø Scientific experiment: pressurized and exposed payloads.

Ø Specific technology collaboration: cooperate on advanced technologies study, experiment validation and applications.

New topics are welcome.

e.g.: remote sensing on CSS,

Ø deploy your satellite by CSS.

Ø Life support technology.

Ø Space validity test.

Ø Robotic arms


Ø Module/partial-module level collaboration: docking an entire module, it could be permanent docking or temporary docking.

Docking Port Support Capability

The lateral docking ports of CM(Core Module) are used to dock EM(Experiment Module), the front and underside docking  ports are used to dock manned  space ship, and the behind docking port is used to dock cargo ship.

Together we make the future