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Basic Information

Established on December 8th, 2005, Shenzhou Institute has become an educational and training institution mainly focusing on cultivating both technical and management talents of spacecraft engineering. It undertakes the tasks of CAST staff training, CAST domestic and foreign clients as well as graduate’seducation. On the basis of strong space technology capabilities of CAST, CSI has set up an education and training expert committee consisted of CAST technical experts who offer consultancy,guidance and decision-making advice. Through the past years of development, CSI has owned a first-class faculty team, systematic of curriculum modules, rich teaching materials and advanced teaching facilities. It has cultivated a large number of space talents for CAST as well as a large number of qualified spacecraft engineers for Nigeria, Venezuela, Pakistan, Bolivia, Laos, Belarus, Algeria and other countries. CSI has also developed a wide range of deep cooperation with some well-known space organizations and universities of  France, UK, Germany, etc. acting as a talent training base for CAST and a window of CAST international cooperation.



Establishment of CSI


Setup of Graduate Student Education Department


School Motto

To promote Shenzhou culture, cultivate exclusive space engineering talents equipped with a wide range of knowledge and hearty devotion, and make great contributions to space industry


Organizational Structure

CSI senior administration authorities is composed of Dean who is also the President of CAST, deputy Dean who is one of CAST Vice President and Secretary General, etc. CSI has 3 administrative divisions and 4 branches.




Office of Education and Training Committee: daily affairs division for Education and Training Expert Committee , in charge of daily affairs management for the committee.

Graduate Student Education Division: administrative division for academic degrees evaluation committee, in charge of organizing and implementing graduate student programs and graduate student education for academic degrees related to spacecraft disciplines.


Staff and Clients Training Division: in charge of organizing and implementing concrete educational and training programs, developing and managing internal employees, domestic and international clients training programs.


Establishment of Lanzhou Branch

Lanzhou Branch: established on October 18th, 2006, affiliated to Lanzhou Institute of Physics,  focusing on cultivating space professional talents in the fields of vacuum technology, cryogenics technology, space microgravity, space electronics and space environment.


Establishment of Xi’an Branch

Xi’an Branch: established on December 21st, 2007, affiliated to Xi’an Space Radio Engineering Institute,  focusing on cultivating space professional talents in the fields of telecommunications and information, electromagnetic field and microwave technology, etc.


Establishment of Yantai Branch

YanTai Branch: established on November 27th, 2008,  affiliated to Shandong Institute of Aerospace Electronics, focusing on cultivating space professional talents in the fields of applications of space data system and space electronics technology.


Establishment of Manufacturing Branch


Manufacturing Branch: established on July 17th, 2012, affiliated to Beijing Satellite Manufacturing Plant,  focusing on cultivating spacecraft manufacturing professional and technical talents. It is a training and practice base of senior technicians and senior technical talents for CAST.


CSI (with 4 branches) is equipped with state of the art training facilities covering an area of 15000 m2, including spacecraft virtual design training platform, multi-media classroom, meeting room, and student lounge.


CSI makes full use of advanced information tools to actively construct coordinated educational platform of “same time, different places”. After years of construction, Shenzhou Institute possesses multi-dimensional and remote educational capabilities, including special network of educational platforms, fiber-optic network, educational video systems and remote satellite communications network, covering both internal and external affiliated working units of over 20000 employees of CAST. All of its branches have their own network-linked multi-media classrooms. CSI is equipped with a complete information management system of  educational and training.


Spacecraft virtual design training platform covers major sub-systems and specialities of communications and remote sensing satellite designs. The platform consists of individual working section, collective working section and system management section, installed with over 40 kinds of licensed satellite design and analysis software including Matlab、AVIDM、Nastran、Pro/E、SVIDE、CATLA, etc. In addition, it has some patents, self-developed software copyrights and high-end educational facilities like 3D rapid shaping printer, etc. Thus a scientific and standard educational mode on satellite virtual design has taken shape , providing a practical platform for students to perform virtual satellite mission analysis, design and system simulation and other training exercises. This platform has been successfully used in training programs for international clients of satellites projects, playing an important role in practice training of clients. 


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