Communication Satellite Applications Systems

CAST possesses rich experience in R&D and construction for 46 years in satellite communication application, products R&D and system integration capability. CAST has the ownership of the core technology of the mobile broadband satellite communication; integrated satellite synthesized net control and information security and secrecy transmission. CAST realizes the DVB-RCS protocol to support the large scale networking VSAT satellite communication system. The satellite communication products of CAST have been widely used in public security, national security, fire control, petroleum, telecommunication, meteorological, broadcasting, ocean etc. Meanwhile, CAST provides integrated solutions of communication satellite covering teleport, DTH, VSAT, satellite communication, emergency command communication, encryption communication etc.


VSAT HUB Station and Terminal

Main Products:

● Teleport

● Broadcast TV system DTH

● Satellite emergency communication system

● Remote education system

● Governmental satellite communication system

● Satellite secrecy communication system


Earth Station

Successful Cases:

● The significant projects such as Bolivian teleport

● Laos broadcasting & communication system

● National emergency broadband VSAT system

● National education new media platform etc. 




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