CAST, as the general technical unit of UAV Application System and High Resolution Aeropayload Application, is the main supplier of UAV System technology and products. CAST is dedicated to supply integration services, renting equipments, operation and other various types of services to the clients complying with their requirements in UAV application, regular payload and high resolution payload fields, as well as data acquisition terminals and satellite communication solutions.


UAV TT&C and Information Transmission System

Services And Products:

● Ultra-Short-Range, Short-Range and Intermediate-Range UAV system and associated Data link in accordance with the clients requirements

● Air-born 4 in 1 optoelectronic pod, UAV-born infrared pod and VOLT-born anti-collide laser radar

● Board and frontier surveillance and patrol flight

● Fire prevention patrol of Forestry

Successful Cases:

● UAV dynamic surveillance network of Chinese ocean

● UAV major science and technology project of China electric grid

● UAV surveillance system of Sinopec West oil pipeline

● Fire prevention system in Inner Mongolia, China


UAV Integration Application System


The Unmanned Rotor Airborne Dynamic Monitoring System


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