Remote Sensing Satellite Applications Systems

CAST is the main unit of remote sensing satellite ground system integration in China, which has a whole series of reliable products covering satellite remote sensing data receiving, processing, special production manufacturing and distribution undertakes more than 60% remote sensing satellite ground application system integration and construction in China. CAST's related system and products are successfully exported to many countries of Latin-America, Africa, East-south Asia and so on. CAST can supply the integrated total solution such as military reconnaissance, environment monitor, surveying and mapping, forest monitor, precision agriculture, weather forecast to the clients. C

AST has the dealership of several remote sensing satellite data and supplies the value-added service of all kinds of remote sensing and mapping products to the clients.


Fixed Remote Sensing Satellite Data Receiving and Processing Station

blob.pngMain Products:

● Fixed remote sensing satellite data receiving and processing system

● Transportable remote sensing satellite data receiving and processing system

● Remote sensing image processing system

Transportable Remote Sensing Satellite

Data Receiving and Processing Station

blob.pngblob.pngTracking and Data Receiving System (TDRS) – Multi satellites tracking and demodulating, data receiving and recording, running automatically.

blob.pngOperation Management System (OMS) – Multi satellites and multi mission controlling, generating satellite work plan and data receiving plan, making orbit simulation, and monitoring GAS status, running automatically.

blob.pngImage Processing System (IPS) – A professional system for image processing, level 0~2 products processing automatically, providing GCP/DEM matching tools for level 3~4 products generating. High image processing, high effective data archiving.

blob.pngData Management System (DMS) – Providing mass data storage capacity and flexible mechanism for data exchanging, metadata and products archiving and browsing, providing a multi-level storage standard for multi-satellites data.

blob.pngPublic Services System (PSS) – The public service center of GAS and offers customers browsing products information, submitting order and downloading their interest products directly or after products generation. Providing user management with different authority and limitation, different products browsing and querying.

Industrial Application System (IAS) – providing specific remote sensing image products according to the requirement of customers from different industries, so that support the decision of the customers from each industry.

Successful Cases:

● Remote sensing satellite ground applicationsystem in Latin-America

● FY-3 arctic polar ground station

● Africa water resource remote sensing

● China remote sensing satellite integrated largeground station network

● China satellite forestal remote sensing platform


Land Resource Monitor      Mineral Resource Surveying      City Planning

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        Weather Forecast                       Environment Monitor


Key Area Monitor          Forest Fireproofing         Agriculture Monitor

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