Navigation Satellite Applications Systems

By full use of Digital Beam Anti-interference Technology, High-precision Relative Measurement and Multi-constellation Full Link Real-time Simulation Technology, CAST manufactures navigation chips and terminals in three series including high dynamic navigation and position products, high performance attitude orientation products and high accuracy timing products which are widely used to Aviation, shipping, Meteorological, forestry, disaster relief, transportation,tourism, public security.

Main Products:

● Dual-band differential GNSS Receiver

● Satellite Based Augmentation System(SBAS)/Continuous Operational Reference System(CORS)

● Emergency Command & Control System

● Vehicle Navigation and Monitoring System

● Caring System for Seniors and Children


Successful Cases:

● Beidou Satellite Based Augmentation System

● Tourism Information Service System based on Beidou

● Emergency Command & Control System for Disaster Relief based on Beidou

● Beidou Forestry Demonstration System



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