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Institute of Spacecraft System Engineering (ISSE)

Established in 1986, Institute of Spacecraft System Engineering (ISSE) is a subsidiary of CAST. Through decades of relentless efforts, ISSE dedicates to provide products and services in the most comprehensive space domain. Equipped with the most dedicated and full-scale technical facilities among the peers, ISSE has become the leading domestic entity of spacecraft system engineering and development.

In retrospective, ISSE is renowned as the major designer and manufacturer of Chang’e lunar probes, BDS navigation system, Tianwen Mars exploration project, Shenzhou manned spacecraft, etc. ISSE initiated a series of “Maiden Voyages” in Chinese space sector, and made great contribution to “Three Milestones” in Chinese space history. DFH-1 satellite, which is the first satellite successfully launched in 1970 which highlighted the breakthrough of entering the space club. The Shenzhou-5 spacecraft produced by ISSE achieved the first manned flight for China in 2003 and marked magnificent feat in manned space technology.  In 2007, the Chang'e-1 Lunar probe successfully fulfilled the desire of lunar exploration.

ISSE is mainly engaged in space technology development, spacecraft research, space technology applications, and foreign technology cooperation in the space field. Our core expertise mainly focuses on 9 areas, which are thermal control system, space mechanism, electronic components, communication products, power supply and distribution, in-orbit management, space environment and system engineering. Nowadays the institute has been entrusted as the primal contractor that has implemented nearly 120 key projects in space domain, including a variety of national class scientific projects. We own more than 1,600 staff members specialized in spacecraft design and engineering with the most advanced and unique space technological assets. We possess the absolute advantage in the space domain.

ISSE always adheres to the path of reciprocal, international development since the establishment. ISSE has been entrusted by many countries’ space agencies or institutes to build pertinent system and to deploy satellites. The fruition of cooperation helps to build space industrial capacities and talents in the related countries. In the new millennium, ISSE is willing to share our experience to explore deeper space, and to harness space technology together to make the world a better place.

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