CAST-Xi'an Institute of Space Radio Technology (CAST Xi’an)

CAST-Xi'an Institute of Space Radio Technology (CAST Xi’an)

CAST Xi'an is a subsidiary of China Academy of Space Technology (CAST) within China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC). It is the primary satellite payload provider in China. Its activities cover satellite payload design, manufacturing, assembly, integration and testing, as well as related electronic equipment. CAST Xi’an is headquartered at Xi’an with more than 2700 employees.

CAST Xi'an was initially founded on June 29th, 1965. Over the five decades, CAST Xi'an has become the core company in Chinese space field. It delivered payloads, data transmission subsystems and TT&C subsystems to more than 300 spacecrafts for telecommunication, navigation, earth observation, deep space exploration and manned space. The typical products and related heritage are shown as following:

Communication Payload

As the primary payload provider in China, CAST Xi’an is involved in most of Chinese communication satellite missions. It has delivered communication payloads to 69 Chinese satellites and 14 international communication satellites.

Navigation Payload
CAST Xi’an is the core supplier in Chinese navigation mission. It delivered navigation payloads to Beidou-1, Beidou-2,Beidou-2A and Beidou-3 constellations.

Data Transmission Subsystem
CAST Xi'an is the key supplier of high speed data transmission subsystem in China. With over 40 years’ experience, CAST Xi’an has delivered more than 360 data transmission subsystems to its customers.

Space-born Antenna
CAST Xi'an is the top space-born antenna provider in China. It has delivered hundreds space born antennas for various applications. The typical products include shaped reflector antenna, mesh antenna, phase array antenna and related feed assembly.

Microwave Equipment
With outstanding technologies in microwave field, CAST Xi’an can provide almost all microwave equipment for various payloads, including receiver, converter, power amplifier, IMUX, OMUX, switch, etc. The frequency covers from UFH to Q/V band.