Tianjin Institute of Aerospace Mechanical and Electrical Equipment (TIAMEE)

Tianjin Institute of Aerospace Mechanical and Electrical Equipment (TIAMEE)

Tianjin Institute of Aerospace Mechanical and Electrical Equipment (TIAMEE) , founded in 1966, belong to the China Academy of Space Technology, mainly engaged in aerospace products, intelligent equipment, defense equipment and development of satellite application products. In2012, the whole establishment of TIAMEE moved from Taigu District, Jinzhong City, Shanxi Province to Tianjin Binhai Hi-tech Industrial Development Park. District, covering an area of 22108 square meters, construction area of 30710 square meters.

For more than 50 years, TIAMEE has always adhered to the development concept of "Self-reliance and Scientific and technological innovation". At present, it has two key laboratories of Tianjin Key Laboratory of Microgravity and Hypogravity Environment Simulation Technologys and Tianjin Institute of Aerospace Mechanical and Electrical Equipment. At the same time, there are two joint laboratories of Joint Laboratory of Mechano-thermal Space Technology and Spacecrafte On-orbit Maintenance and Service System Technical united laboratory. We have integrated design, simulation, analysis and process capabilities of electromechanical thermal products, and have built a digital collaborative design, process and manufacturing network system. At the same time, we have established an industry-university-research platform with more than 40 key universities, research institutes and enterprises and institutions, enterprises and institutions, and mastered more than 80 core technologies. We have undertaken a number of major scientific research projects at or above the national and provincial levels, obtained more than 50 important scientific research achievements, and obtained more than 170 patents, making positive contributions to the development of the space industry and the economic construction of national defense.

Aerospace service

Aerospace service is divided into aerospace product design, the manufacturing of stand-alone-scale products and integrated assembly. After years of development, TIAMEE have had a leading precision and ultra-precision machining capacity and a number of precision manufacturing and surface treatment production lines, realized the batch production of some aerospace products. At present, we have formed a business model that covers the whole process of aerospace products.The products mainly include EVA tools of Space Station, high integration payloads, large flexible deployment mechanisms, high precision drive components, high pointing precision arm deployment mechanisms, etc.These products are widely used in remote sensing, manned, navigation, deep space exploration, space science and other fields.

TIAMEE is the only fixed-point research and development unit for spacecraft casting structural parts in the China Academy of Space Technology. We have built a casting industry chain of large complex precision magnesium alloy castings and high strength aluminum alloy castings. Among them, the casting technology of large-scale thin-walled complex magnesium alloy structural parts is at the leading level in China.

Intelligent Equipment

Intelligent equipment business is divided into aerospace ground equipment, defense equipment, intelligent equipment and integration. Relying on intelligent mobile, intelligent assembly and intelligent control technology, we will build an “Aerospace Intelligent production System” and provide an overall solution for intelligent equipment development and automation production lines.

Based on the development of general, modular and automatic ground electromechanical equipment,TIAMEE has developed a series of ground equipment for automatic precision attitude determination, automatic detection, automatic positioning and automatic logistics to meet the requirements for intelligent equipment during spacecraft assembly and testing.At the same time, it launched a series of system level intelligent equipment and equipment level intelligent products with lifting, assembly, transportation and other functions to the market, creating the brand of "Tian Hang Zhi Xing" omni-directional mobile platform.

TIAMEE can provide users with intelligent storage transportation protection service. With its complete categoties and patterns, intelligent storage and transportation environmental protection products have comprehensive protection capabilities of purification, constant temperature, humidity, constant pressure, vibration reduction and medium isolation. The whole process of detection, analysis and control of the environment in the box can be carried out and it is widely used for long-term storage,near-field transport and long-distance transport of various spacecraft on land, sea and air. At the same time, intelligent storage and transportation technology is also widely used in defense equipment, cold chain transportation, special test environment simulation other leading applications.

TIAMEE can provide a total solution of microgravity & hypogravity simulation for spacecraft ground test verification. The unit has mastered the leading air floating microgravity & hypogravity simulation technology and suspension microgravity & hypogravity simulation technology in China. Among them, the “large surper-flat support platform” developed is the largest and most accurate air floating ground microgravity & hypogravity simulation infrastructure in the world. The spacecraft air-floating simulation experiment platform developed has been successfully applied to many types of ground tests, and is at the leading level in China, especially the development of large-scale heavy-duty air-floating test platform, which can meet the needs of ground heavy-duty tests for future space missions.