Shenzhou Investment Management Co., Ltd. (SZIC)

Shenzhou Investment Management Co., Ltd (SZIC)

Shenzhou Investment Management Co., Ltd (SZIC) is an important carrier of industrial investment management and asset management of China Academy of Space Technology. The company relies on professional investment management team to carry out the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements, high-tech enterprise incubation, investment and financing, asset operation and management, build a high-quality aerospace technology industry company, and promote the marketization, industrialization and international development of aerospace technology application industry.

Shenzhou Investment Management Co., Ltd (SZIC) and the invested enterprises establish a parent-subsidiary relationship with capital as the link, and operate the state-owned assets and equity formed by investment in the invested enterprises in accordance with the law through the organization and implementation of development planning, investment decision-making, scientific and technological innovation, industrial layout, market exploration, asset management, reform and adjustment, and talent team construction.

During the "Fourteenth Five-Year Plan" period, Shenzhou Investment Management Co., Ltd (SZIC) is committed to building into a domestic first-class investment holding company for industrial investment and asset management, and becoming an important force for the market-oriented development of China's aerospace technology application industry.