Institute of Telecommunication and Navigation Satellites (ITNS)

Introduction of Institute of Telecommunication and Navigation Satellites (ITNS)

Institute of Telecommunication and Navigation Satellites (ITNS), subordinated to China Academy of Space Technology (CAST), was established in Beijing on August 14, 2020. ITNS takes the leading responsibility for the system and business development of telecommunication and navigation satellite fields of CAST.

As one of the leading departments of application satellites of CAST, ITNS is mainly responsible for business planning, market developing and customer relationship maintenance of telecommunication and navigation satellite fields. It also focuses on R&D, system design, system integration and provides in-orbit technical support and after-sales services of various telecommunication and navigation satellites.

ITNS has gone through trials and hardships for over 50 years. With lofty ideals and spirits of innovation and diligence, we have achieved great success in the fields of telecommunication and navigation satellites. DFH-1, DFH-2A, DFH-3 satellites have been launched and common buses as DFH-4 series and DFH-5 bus have been successfully developed. From BDS-1, BDS-2 to BDS-3, China’s BeiDou Navigation Satellite System (BDS) has been successfully constructed and completely deployed. More than 100 telecommunication and navigation satellites have been launched including 11 commercial telecommunication satellites for international customers. The perfect maiden flight of Shijian-20 satellite based on DFH-5 bus on December 27, 2019 represents the highest level of satellite platform technology of China, by which 8 key technologies have been verified for the first time. On July 31, 2020, President Xi Jinping announced the commissioning of BeiDou Navigation Satellite System (BDS-3) that is independently built and operated by China. Hence China has been the third country in the world who owns independent global navigation satellite system. All the achievements have greatly contributed to the rapid development and internationalization of China aerospace industry and provided strong support for building China into a space power.

ITNS is devoted to contributing to the building of world-class corporation and first-rated national defense, persevering in internationalization development strategy and opening arms to commercial aerospace business. Up to now, DFH series of telecommunication satellites have covered 80% of world land area and 80% of the world population. The BDS-3 is utilized in more than 120 countries and regions. ITNS can provide advanced satellite telecommunication and navigation solution to global customers. We are able to provide telecommunication satellites with a capacity up to 600Gbps. The accuracy of our satellite navigation service can be improved to centimeter level in real time and millimeter level after processing. Meanwhile, as the main force of China’s low orbit satellite Internet system construction project, ITNS is dedicated to tackling the key technologies of the system architecture, satellite system design and unit performance optimization, striving to build the flexible and pulsed satellite product line to push forward the production mode transformation.

Facing the future, INTS will commit to laying solid foundation of the telecommunication and navigation satellite developments for China’s space power, staying true to the original aspiration, being sincere in value, being brave to challenge and being dare to surpass. We will take as our mission to push forward the integration of satellite telecommunication and navigation fields to exert the leading influence on related industries. We will enhance independent development capabilities, release system vitality and boost market competitiveness. We will actively impel the construction of new generation of infrastructures to better serve the people and the country in the new era. We will step forward tirelessly to drive the progress of China’s space industry and to promote building a community with a shared future for mankind.